9th Dec, 2006


Why this site? A good answer could be “Why not?” But its obvious nature needs a more elaborate explanation.

HarplonkHQ is, first and foremost, a fan/support site for the Harpoon line of games we all love. You will find scenarios, DBs, help in scenario design, commentary on the game, After-Action Reports, buglists and musings on the Harpoon line of games.

HarPlonkHQ covers the Harpoon 3 versions and the Harpoon Classic Commanders’ Edition (both published by Matrix). If you have doubts, questions or just the desire to share in the fun, by all means write to us!

The Harpoon community, as some of you may know, is a passionate, polarized, flamewar-inclined bunch of fellows. While normally no one cares if two groups of grown-ups decide to spend their time throwing digital words at each other, it happened in the past that things spilled onto a variety of unsuspecting forums and internet sites, involving a number of innocent bystanders and doing no good both to the reputation of the game and of those involved.

So, the second reason for HarplonkHQ was to provide a place of debate where all could express themselves both joyously and freely without molesting rightfully uninterested people. Nothing will be considered a flame here, except for obvious illegal acts such as racism, pornography, and ethnic/racial slurs. It is no coincidence that the “motto” of the general forum is “In this forum, no one can hear you rant”.

One last thing. A legitimate question about HarplonkHQ could be: “Is this a hate site?” The answer is “No”. Of course you can disagree with the above. This is why the SS Nostromo forum awaits your visit and your opinions!

Fair winds and following gaming!

The HarPlonked

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