SPOILER: 3WW 01.0 Tattletale

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SPOILER: 3WW 01.0 Tattletale

Postby MarkShot » Fri Jul 08, 2016 7:55 am

Situation: I am outnumbered 6:1 (surface); make that 8:1 considering air assets.

My weapons:

P-21 Termit-M: Longest reach but easily knocked down by the OPFOR. Never reaches target.

SA-N-1b: Short range, but seems a more likely hit (faster). However, it would seem wise to save this for perimeter defense.

SET65: Very short range torpedo, but the OPFOR seems to have no defense. These are killers. But I need to engage the enemy close enough to see paint peeling on their hulls.

Despite the scenario instructions, it pays to stay weapons tight or a Lynx triggers a missile barrage which immediately cause every platform to open on me me. I cannot handle the barrage in any case. It overwhelms my defenses.

I have tried shadowing the neutral merchant. Thinking maybe they might hesitate to launch with me so close. No joy. Works nicely shooting under a tanker in SC or DW.

I have tried to attack point blank hoping to get the drop on them. Only the torpedoes work.

I have tried to attack putting them astern. Shooting at max range and immediately moving laterally (radar and ecm off). Lag solutions and displacement works well with subs and torpedoes at 40mph. It seems of little value with missiles around 1,000 mph or better.

Now, the description of these ships say that they walk point and they are not intended to survive hostilities. That's certainly the case here. Am I in a scenario where being sunk is the intended consequence? (Is it time to honor the dead and move on?)

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Re: SPOILER: 3WW 01.0 Tattletale

Postby Herman Hum » Fri Jul 08, 2016 9:01 am

You are correct. Your personal survival is irrelevant. The mission comes first and foremost.

The enemy will not take action until you initiate hostilities. So, make your first (and probably only) salvo count. That means every gun, torpedo, and missile in every direction. You only need to cripple 3 ships, so be selective and judicious with your weapon allocation. Remember, torpedoes cannot be shot down.
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