Putin’s war battleset

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Putin’s war battleset

Postby FreekS » Sat May 21, 2022 12:04 pm

Yeah, yeah,

It’s been a long time, But the terrible war in Europe “inspired” me to start building scens again - partly to investigate what all these new weapons can do.

So PDB has now added the current versions of F35, the Bayraktar TB2, the Neptune missile, even the Tsirkon.
Herman has also tested the 4 scens ive built so far, the 5th is in its 10th test by me and will go to Herman shortly.

Hope someone enjoys them - purely fictional but with a basis in research from open sources.

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Re: Putin’s war battleset

Postby Herman Hum » Mon May 30, 2022 1:04 am

A fourth NEW Harpoon scenario has been released by scenario master, Freek Schepers.

4.0 The Supply War


Starting early April, Russian forces shortened their front and focused their attention on the Eastern sectors. Mariupol finally fell and Russia started using massive amounts of ammunition and men on other key cities.

The destruction of key bridges meant supply by sea was now the favoured route - but following the loss of an amphibious ship in harbour to a Ukrainian SSM missile, ships needed to be escorted.

Scenario Duration: 1 day

This scenario was written for the PlayersDB.

For best results, this scenario should be played with Aircraft Logistics activated and Nuclear Weapons enabled.

4.0 The Supply War
Putin's War\Supplies.SCN

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