2 New scenarios for the Harpoon3 ANW simulator

Supporting Harpoon 3 and ANW scenarios made for the PlayersDB

2 New scenarios for the Harpoon3 ANW simulator

Postby Taitennek » Sun Nov 05, 2006 9:18 pm


Another 2 fine scenarios from Freek Schepers's hand are now ready for download on the renewed scenario download section on PlayersDB Depot.....
Matchplay 2 [Anti-Carrier Play] and Matchplay 3 [Special-Ops Play].

Warning: Matchplay #3 will only play in the publicly released version ANW 3.7.0. Do NOT attempt to use the Beta Patch 3.7.1, otherwise, this scenario will NOT work.

Both scenarios are designed for the Harpoon3 Advanced Naval Warfare simulator.

check this link: http://www.taitennek.nl/teller/scntopanw.php

Have fun! :P

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