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Posted: 10 Mar @ 4:53am

Apparently, they picked the Blue Pill.

Has a pretty good database of military ships, aircraft and weapons. Its cheaper than a subscription to Janes. There are a lot of decent scenarios written for this game.

That all said, this is still a game, when it could be a simulator (which is how it is advertised). It cant seem to pick between game and simulator - UI that makes life harder than it has to be, which is an absolute nono for a game, then a very realistic list of units to pick from - that do not follow realistic performance or tactics, especially the aircraft.

In fairness to the games developers, the game does handle ship to ship combat in the modern age, very well. Its aircraft are about as realistic as in Angry Birds, sadly.

This is a game that for the longest time, I held hope that there was some chance that issues would be attended to - and if they were, the game still has that potential to be a fantastic military command simulation - but there is seemingly no interest in realism for the sake of reality.

For $30, this would be a fantastic game. At over 3 times that however, its simply not worth the money.
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Reckall 32 minutes ago 
BTW, once it has expended his ordinance, a now clean F-104S can be involved in a new crisis - and be forced to reach the crisis point as fast as possible at 1466 knots even if armed only with apples (for example to nail an airplane which is about to drop paratroopers). Doing this in "Command" is simply impossible (as it is impossible to reach the maximum speed of 1466 knot with any configuration, altitude, pilot, cream pies, apples... anything).

[To those who are following this "debate", expect another post by strykeapple: he will post until he has deflected attention from his fumble.]
strykerpsg 48 minutes ago 
Speaking of fanboi's, isn't it about time for another monthly post, from a new single poster, in your massively popular website Harplonkhq, so you can post another scenario or something similar?
strykerpsg 49 minutes ago 
Again, the speed makes sense to limit it to a maximum of what it would be if it's carrying a warload, not a stock, clean configuration.....because stock, clean configurations are used always in combat, yeah right. Your fantasy and your database perhaps.

You truly are a tool with regards to why the database is limited. The F-104S only exceeds Mach 2 in airshows, not combat.
hermanhum 1 hour ago  Delete
No matter how much you try to hide your fumble, I'll just point out, again, that you have proven our premise beyond the shadow of any doubt.

The F-104S can reach speeds of 1466 knots while MNO artificially and arbitrarily limits it to 950 knots. I'm sure the developers are proud of your one and only contribution to this discussion by shooting the developers' claims.

"Page 471 shows a clean configuration and a maximum speed of Mach 2.2 or about 1466 knots."

With fanbois like you, who needs enemas. :-)
strykerpsg 1 hour ago 
Just how many missions would you envision an F-104 S tackles with only it's guns? Hmmm, answer, none.
strykerpsg 1 hour ago 
Hmm, not only the village idiot, but a blind one too. I posted that info in my reply below...

Maybe instead of apples, you need carrots
Reckall 1 hour ago 
I wonder why he is unable to post his comments in a single message O___o
hermanhum 1 hour ago  Delete
Nice attempt to avoid your fumble. You've just proven that an F-104S is capable of 1466 knots in real life, something that MNO cannot.

"Page 471 shows a clean configuration and a maximum speed of Mach 2.2 or about 1466 knots."

It is this kind of fanboi ineptitude along with developer incompetence that makes MNO the garbage game it is.
strykerpsg 1 hour ago 
The village has found it's idiot Herman and it is you
strykerpsg 1 hour ago 
I love the irony that the only posting now on Steam about anything must be specfically on reviews only. So far you've fallen, from once a person I modestly looked up too...now to grobble for any response from a title you missed an opportunity to perhaps help develop.

Good boy, here's your apple Hermie...