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Posted: 10 Mar @ 4:53am

Apparently, they picked the Blue Pill.

Has a pretty good database of military ships, aircraft and weapons. Its cheaper than a subscription to Janes. There are a lot of decent scenarios written for this game.

That all said, this is still a game, when it could be a simulator (which is how it is advertised). It cant seem to pick between game and simulator - UI that makes life harder than it has to be, which is an absolute nono for a game, then a very realistic list of units to pick from - that do not follow realistic performance or tactics, especially the aircraft.

In fairness to the games developers, the game does handle ship to ship combat in the modern age, very well. Its aircraft are about as realistic as in Angry Birds, sadly.

This is a game that for the longest time, I held hope that there was some chance that issues would be attended to - and if they were, the game still has that potential to be a fantastic military command simulation - but there is seemingly no interest in realism for the sake of reality.

For $30, this would be a fantastic game. At over 3 times that however, its simply not worth the money.
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strykerpsg 1 hour ago 
Oh, you hurt me so bad with the fanboi comment. Speaking of fanboi's, isn't it about time for another monthly post, from a new single poster, in your massively popular website Harplonkhq, so you can post another scenario or something similar? You truly are without a cause and again, hating the fact that you can only obtain drippings of notoriety from your clear and balanced (cough, cough) reviews, as they post now only on Youtube because you've been booted from all other websites from posting about CMANO.
hermanhum 1 hour ago  Delete
So, it suffices to say that since MNO does not allow a fully armed F-104S to accelerate to Mach 2.2, it would be a grossly inaccurate misrepresentation of the true capablities of that aircraft and not an accurate database.

In fact, the F-104S and every other fighter in MNO can NEVER accelerate to anything but 950 knots, regardless of altitude, weather, loadout, configuration, drunkenness of the pilot, or any other circumstances whatsoever .

The only fun from a garbage game like MNO is the ability to publicly humiliate fanbois and developers alike. :-)
strykerpsg 7 hours ago 
So, it suffices to say that if Harpoon 2/3 allowed a fully armed F-104S to accelerate to Mach 2.2, it would be a grossly inaccurate misrepresentation of the true capablities of that aircraft and not an accurate database, though the fact that you and Herman are defending it is no suprise either, as it's YOUR database.

These additional factors are called parasitic drag and even I as an infantryman know that while I can run 2 miles in under 14 minutes in my clean configuration, if I add varying levels of combat gear, that same value increases dramatically, slowing my rate of time to get there.

Now, where's my bag of apples? Someone needs feeding again...
strykerpsg 7 hours ago 
While I certainly love to sit by and watch some make fools of themselves, here is a link to the F-104S flight manual you mentioned earlier Reckall.


All values below taken at 10,000 feet altitude, as that number also dictates a different set of figures.

Page 471 shows a clean configuration and a maximum speed of Mach 2.2 or about 1466 knots.

Page 477 shows the aircraft equipped with Wingtip Tanks or Sidewinder missles only and a maximum speed of Mach 2.0 or about 1333 knots.

Page 489 shows the aircraft with all available stores stations loaded, as you would probably configure for most missions and a maximum speed of Mach 1.3 or about 866 knots.

Reckall 16 hours ago 
There is no rush, Dimitris. When your children in Palookaville stop babbling and go to bed we can continue our debate. Say "hi!" to them from me.
hermanhum 19 hours ago  Delete
The 'list of 'Real Military Pilots' willing to admit that F-14 Tomcats can hover motionless is going to be pretty short. Instead, they are probably hiding under the bed and trying to distance themselves from this turkey, if they ever even existed at all.

The last fool who tried to make that assertion regarding screen resolution ended up with egg all over his face.


This remains a garbage game.

I am Charlie.
Dimitris  [developer] 15 Mar @ 12:38am 
Keep blabbering in Palookaville, children :)
Reckall 14 Mar @ 7:51pm 
My father was in the Air Force and he says that your database values are "desperate" and pure fantasy.

My ex-girlfriend's father was in the Navy (we played Harpoon together), and his comments are similar.

So, what?
Reckall 14 Mar @ 7:40pm 
So what if it was fixed? The ONLY review that found the problem was Herman's. Also, note that the bug persisted even in v1.01, as can be shown by in the top left-hand corner. When you tell so many lies, it is important not to get hung up on facts.

Nice attempt to deflect attention from the review, BTW.
Dimitris  [developer] 14 Mar @ 1:21am 
"Is your team of "real pilots and crews" the same that allowed F-14 Tomcats to hover and missiles to spin like tops? Are these the "pilots and crews" you want us to believe?"

LOL. Bringing up bugs that were identified and fixed in v1.01, more than a year and a half ago.

Enjoy your irrelevancy, children.