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Posted: 10 Mar @ 4:53am

Apparently, they picked the Blue Pill.

Has a pretty good database of military ships, aircraft and weapons. Its cheaper than a subscription to Janes. There are a lot of decent scenarios written for this game.

That all said, this is still a game, when it could be a simulator (which is how it is advertised). It cant seem to pick between game and simulator - UI that makes life harder than it has to be, which is an absolute nono for a game, then a very realistic list of units to pick from - that do not follow realistic performance or tactics, especially the aircraft.

In fairness to the games developers, the game does handle ship to ship combat in the modern age, very well. Its aircraft are about as realistic as in Angry Birds, sadly.

This is a game that for the longest time, I held hope that there was some chance that issues would be attended to - and if they were, the game still has that potential to be a fantastic military command simulation - but there is seemingly no interest in realism for the sake of reality.

For $30, this would be a fantastic game. At over 3 times that however, its simply not worth the money.
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Dimitris  [developer] 14 Mar @ 1:21am 
"Is your team of "real pilots and crews" the same that allowed F-14 Tomcats to hover and missiles to spin like tops? Are these the "pilots and crews" you want us to believe?"

LOL. Bringing up bugs that were identified and fixed in v1.01, more than a year and a half ago.

Enjoy your irrelevancy, children.
RagnarWS  [developer] 14 Mar @ 12:45am 
Herman Hum, your hackpiece 'video reviews' scream obsession. In fact, they are so bad that Community members immediately wrote counter-reviews. You even set the screen resolution to 800 pixles and turned on all symbology to 'prove' how bad the user interface is. Like this:

Herman Hum, you are noting like Charlie. You are a toxic troublemaker and obsessed cyberstalker. Trying to justify your 10-year harassment campaign by bringing up the Charlie Hebdo massacre is nothing short of DISGUSTING.
RagnarWS  [developer] 14 Mar @ 12:44am 

Vincenzo Beretta (Reckall) and Herman Hum, you are so desperate to say something negative about Command it actually show how clueless you are about real-life air and naval ops.

The speed limitation is realistic. My background is aerial warfare and has been researched to death. In addition, our beta team includes actual military pilots and crews who confirm that our Command implementation and the assumptions behind it are valid. The fact that you *refuse* to understand this speaks tons.

I'll say this one more time: Real military pilots tell us we got it right.

If you still haven't read the Command Mega-FAQ, it's here: http://www.warfaresims.com/?page_id=2920#624
Reckall 14 Mar @ 12:30am 
The rest is only your unending fluffy rant which tries to pass off lies as facts. You are caught spiking airplane speeds and it becomes a "flogged dead horse" because you have no rational answers except laziness; I give Command the rating it deserves, and you call it a conspiracy, and so on. There is always a faerie tale excuse for your failures , including the faulty databases, so as to avoid key criticism. I have no hope you and your company will stop here.

P.S: Your colleague needs professional help. You know the one I'm talking about.
Reckall 14 Mar @ 12:29am 
Just because there is an excuse in the MEGAFAQ doesn't make it true. As to being among the few who criticise amid a horde of fanatics, it doesn't bother me. I was in Paris when Charlie Hebdo was attacked. A friend of mine (I work for the comic book industry) DIED because he dared to express free speech. I'm fortunate to be machine-gunned with words when I exercise my right to free speech.

Is your team of "real pilots and crews" the same that allowed F-14 Tomcats to hover and missiles to spin like tops? Are these the "pilots and crews" you want us to believe?

The "orgasmic" WOTY reviews totally missed gigantic bugs like these (not that the "elite group of pilots and crews" did any better). No one examined the "WOTY" the way Herman did. It comes as no surprise that Herman's review was spiked.

hermanhum 13 Mar @ 9:34pm  Delete
Anyone who dares to point out how stupid the artificial and arbitrary 950 knot maximum speeds is always subject to the same excuses. They are absolutely ridiculous and absurd and in no way, shape, or form reflect reality. If folks want to accept fantasy values along with other idiotic notions within this game like TELEPORTATION, that is their prerogative.

This is still a garbage game.

Modern Naval Ops Review (Steam v1.05)

I am Charlie.
Dimitris  [developer] 13 Mar @ 7:40am 
Never mind that on _8 out of 10_ negative reviews of Command on this very site you've piled-on as barnacles (I challenge anyone reading this to think/remember of another case of people so monumentally negatively obsessed with a game. Go ahead. I'll wait).

Never mind that you recently had the unimaginable gall to honestly compare your banning from a forum to the Charlie Hebdo massacre (https://groups.google.com/d/msg/comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.war-historical/yJe7X4DRyxU/bm3hUqrxgDcJ).

This is how *desperate* you are. This is how *pathetic* you are. And in the end, this is all you can do.

Now both of you go back to wasting oxygen while the rest of us keep building the future.
Dimitris  [developer] 13 Mar @ 7:40am 
Let's now turn to you two losers.

This is yet another priceless example of both of you being so desperate to find allies in your trash-talking of Command and WarfareSims that you latch-on to the slightest negative criticism of Command _without having a clue of what the critic is talking about_. It's beyond comical.

Never mind the puppets that you Vinnie (or should I say "Tom Sunday" and "Cieciu") prop up in order to lower the game's score on Amazon and Metacritic. Never mind the one-post accounts that Herman is making on every forum out there just so that he can post links to his hatchet-jobs masquerading as "video reviews".

Never mind that in every forum/group you've recently tried to slam Command you were booed off by the residents when they figured out the absurdity of your arguments and more importanty your clinical-level obsession.

Dimitris  [developer] 13 Mar @ 7:39am 
You were of course quick to assume that he refers to your favorite dead horse as of late (repeat after me:"950 KNOTS! 950 KNOTS!!!") but his objections are actually much more nuanced/elaborate. I know this because he has raised them in extended conversations on our forums and chats in the past. Some of them were valid (and some of his feedback has already been incorporated in the updates so far). In other points we consider him to be flat-out wrong, and told him so.

That he chose to air his grievances in such a manner is unfortunate, but there are no hard feelings on our part (which is partially why we did not challenge his claim; also because he does not bring forward specific points which we could address). I sincerely hope he'll realize his ambition (joining the AF) as I am certain his service there will enlighten him on the points we disagree and make him understand that some elements he holds dear, in the greater scheme of air warfare, don't matter as much as he thinks. (cont)
Dimitris  [developer] 13 Mar @ 7:35am 
I should also mention that both you and Herman tried to raise a stint about this very subject repeatedly in the past, most recently on Grogheads (http://grogheads.com/forums/index.php?topic=4065.msg294064#msg294064) and you were told by pretty much everyone present to stop trolling (pick quote: "You’ve turned into a stalker boyfriend who can’t accept that his girlfriend from 4 years ago has moved on"). But I guess as long as there are new forums to post you'll keep bringing this up as if it's a brand-new thing, as if not half the planet has already told you to STFU and read a book about actual air ops.

Try, try again.

Next: Bluewolf's criticism.

Quick question, Vinnie: When Bluewolf claims Command's air-warfare model is problematic, do you actually have any idea what he's talking about?