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Posted: 10 Mar @ 4:53am

Apparently, they picked the Blue Pill.

Has a pretty good database of military ships, aircraft and weapons. Its cheaper than a subscription to Janes. There are a lot of decent scenarios written for this game.

That all said, this is still a game, when it could be a simulator (which is how it is advertised). It cant seem to pick between game and simulator - UI that makes life harder than it has to be, which is an absolute nono for a game, then a very realistic list of units to pick from - that do not follow realistic performance or tactics, especially the aircraft.

In fairness to the games developers, the game does handle ship to ship combat in the modern age, very well. Its aircraft are about as realistic as in Angry Birds, sadly.

This is a game that for the longest time, I held hope that there was some chance that issues would be attended to - and if they were, the game still has that potential to be a fantastic military command simulation - but there is seemingly no interest in realism for the sake of reality.

For $30, this would be a fantastic game. At over 3 times that however, its simply not worth the money.
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Dimitris  [developer] 13 Mar @ 7:34am 
The subject of aircraft speeds is covered on our mega-FAQ: http://www.warfaresims.com/?page_id=2920#624 .

(Not all combat aircraft have the exact 950kt (M1.65 at high altitude) limit in RL but the differences in their max speeds _in combat configuration_ (no record-setting all-clean crap) are small enough that a 950kt cap is very close to their actual values).

Our beta team includes actual military pilots and crews who confirm that our DB implementation and the assumptions behind it are valid. Let me put this in small, simple words for Herman & Vinnie's benefit: Real military pilots tell us we get it right .

But hey, if Vinnie can borrow a book from a library or look up max theoretical speed stats from a website I guess this means our DB and models are wrong.

Reckall 13 Mar @ 5:08am 
There is not a single word about the game, due to the deadly accurate criticism of the reviewer. And there never will be, except for empty excuses. It is simply unassailable.

An Italian F-104 could reach 1200 knots and, if needed, intercept faster than any other aircraft. It is written ****in the very description given by the developers in Command's own database**** and confirmed by Aeritalia (http://www.combataircraft.com/en/Military-Aircraft/Aeritalia/Lockheed-F-104S-Starfighter/) Now, look at the performance given in the "$80" database: 950 knots. Every source in the world has the maximum speed over 1200 knots when needed. Warfaresims.com demands $80 for made up data. And when challlenged they attack anyone who dares to point out that the emperor has no clothes.
RagnarWS  [developer] 13 Mar @ 1:26am 
And finally, check this out:

In 2014 Vincenzo Beretta and Herman Hum went on to harass the developers of FPC-RS / Flashpoint Campaign. This resulted in both of them getting kicked out of the Grogheads forum, which is no small feat since the admins generally never ban people from that forum.

Here is the link to that thread on Grogheads, it is an absolute must-read:

And the Grogheads mod (Brant) blasted the troublemakers again on ACG:

Sore and bitter, Vincenzo Beretta went on to start trouble on SubSim, but was promptly knocked to the ground:


Enraged, the two of them took their trolling to Steam. Yay!

Whenever Vincenzo Beretta and Herman Hum are beat down on one forum they immediately move on to the next. Its like whack-a-mole!
RagnarWS  [developer] 13 Mar @ 1:23am 
Adding to my last post on our obessed cyber stalkers:

Vincenzo Beretta and Herman Hum were banned from the HarpoonHQ.com discussion forum as far back as 2005 for harassing users, content creators and administrators. A couple years later the members of the HarpoonHQ.com moved on to create the Command simulator, and Vincenzo and Herman went on to aggressively stalk the developer. The below link points to a Usenet thread started by Vincenzo in 2011 named "Why 'Command' will fail" and is just one of many reputation assassination attempts. This was TWO YEARS BEFORE the simulator was even released, by which time he had stalked the developer for no less than six years:

RagnarWS  [developer] 13 Mar @ 1:19am 
Vincenzo Beretta and Herman Hum are toxic troublemakers and obsessed cyber stalkers. A quick recap of WarfareSim's past dealings with these two individual can be found here:


In early 2013 Vincenzo Beretta was shown the door on the publisher's forum (Matrixgames) for repeatedly insulting its members. More info here:


In 2012 he was banned from the HarpGamer.com site (Status: Banned):


Dimitris  [developer] 13 Mar @ 1:09am 
As usual, Vincenzo (Reckall) is attempting to re-write history to suit his made-up narrative.

Project Red Pill renamed to CMANO: April 2011 : http://www.warfaresims.com/?p=1500

WarfareSims partners with MatrixGames to publish CMANO: December 2012 : http://www.gamasutra.com/view/pressreleases/183900/Matrix_Games_and_WarfareSims_Team_Up_for_Command_ModernAirNaval_Operations.php

Facts are stubborn things, Vinnie. They tend to humiliate you when you have no clue of what is happening.

Oh BTW, when you were publicly stating that "we hate Matrix and Harpoon" (http://harpgamer.com/harpforum/index.php?/topic/18472-h3-databases/#entry37602 - come on, ridicule yourself further by using the "I meant someone else" copout), we were actually in the final stages of setting up the partnership with MG. Talk about market awareness huh? We both had a good laugh with that one.

So please, keep entertaining us.
Reckall 11 Mar @ 9:06pm 
The original name of the game was "Red Pill", because the developers worked with Harpoon and felt mistreated by Matrix. *As soon as Matrix became the distributor, the name was changed into current one. Funny story :D
hermanhum 10 Mar @ 7:33am  Delete
The database is large, but it is pretty pointless since values are arbitrary. This is especially true for the aircraft since nearly all are artificially limited to 950 knots.

The best adjective I ever saw to describe the MNO game interface was "agonizing".

$30 is the proper maximum price point for a game of such low quality. It is worth something, but nowhere near the current price.

p.s. Be prepared for an assault from the usual narcissists for daring to point out all the blatant game flaws